About Dignity

Dignity Health System was established in 2006 to provide a higher level of in-home care focusing on the dignity of patients and their families. When our health is compromised, we tend to be in our most vulnerable moments. We strive to turn those vulnerable times into times of grace and dignity.

The founders of Dignity Home Health & Hospice have been disappointed in the level of care and the lack of communication in the home health and hospice industry. They realized that in order to bring about change, they needed to open their own company and lead the industry in the way it needed to move, leading by example. Using high ethical standards in working with physicians, clients, and their families is a key part of who we are and how we do business.

Dignity Home Health & Hospice has two driving principles:

  • To be the provider of choice by delivering exceptional client care; and
  • To be the employer of choice by providing the best working environment.

“Dignity is the word we use to describe the ultimate value of a human being. In its intrinsic sense, dignity refers to the value human beings have by virtue of being just what they are – human beings. …Persons need to be assured that they have this value at a time when their reduced productivity, dependence, and altered appearance have called their ultimate value as persons into question and may even have caused them to doubt their own intrinsic value.”
– Daniel P. Sulmasy, OFM, MD, PhD

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