More About Your Home Health Aide

Home health aide visits that are paid by Medicare require assistance with personal care on each visit, as directed by a registered nurse. The following are examples of what a home health aide can and cannot do.

Home health aides may perform these duties:

  • Check vital signs
  • Assist with bathing or showering
  • Assist with dressing, shaving, oral hygiene, and hair care
  • Assist with transfers and walking
  • Assist with exercise as instructed by the registered nurse or therapist as needed
  • Provide skin care
  • Give medication reminders
  • Assist with light meal preparation and feeding (if time permits)
  • Clean bathroom and tidy up patient area in bedroom (if time permits)

Home health aides are asked not to perform these duties:

  • Give pet care
  • Do family shopping, pay pills, or handle money and checks
  • Move heavy furniture
  • Administer enemas
  • Wash floors, walls, or windows, or do heavy cleaning

We ask you to remember that Medicare does not pay for housecleaning services only; there must be a skilled need (e.g., skilled nurse, speech therapy, or physical therapy) in order for a home health aide to be in the home. If you have any questions or concerns about your care, we encourage you to discuss this with your nurse or the Clinical Coordinator as soon as possible. We want to make certain that you understand the methods of care you are receiving.


Medical supplies and therapy services may be required to carry out your plan of care. While you are receiving Medicare-covered home health services, all medically necessary therapy services or medical supplies must be coordinated with the home health agency. If you arrange for these supplies or services on your own while under our plan of care, Medicare will not reimburse you or the other suppliers.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME):

Durable medical equipment (e.g., a wheelchair, walker, hospital bed, etc.) is covered separately by an outside Medicare-certified supplier of your choice.

If further needs are identified that are outside the scope of the home health program, our medical social worker is available to assist clients and their families in obtaining needed community resources if available.

For more information about our services and home health aides in Utah, we welcome you to contact us today at Dignity Home Health of Utah.