Electing Your Hospice Benefit

Electing your hospice benefit can be made under the direction of a physician, based on your health status and life expectancy.

After admission and under the direction of your physician, Dignity Hospice of Utah will provide a service or a combination of services in your home or homelike setting. Depending on your specific needs, our services may include:

  • Bereavement Support
  • Brief Therapies (PT, OT, SLP)
  • Companion Care
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Homemaker Services
  • Hospice Aide
  • Medical Social Work
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medications for Comfort
  • Physician
  • Respite Care
  • Short-term Inpatient Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Volunteers
  • And Moreā€¦

As we plan and coordinate your hospice care, client and family participation is essential. There must be a willing and able client or caregiver to be responsible for the continual care between hospice visits. Upon admission, qualified hospice personnel from Dignity Hospice of Utah will visit you and assess your needs; together we will then discuss the services and the care plan that will be of greatest benefit to you and your family.

We accept payment for hospice services from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, and private pay. If you are an eligible beneficiary of Medicare or Medicaid, there will be no cost to you. Some insurers may require pre-certification and may limit the number and type of home visits we are able to provide.

Any charges for services not covered under Titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act or non-reimbursable charges will be discussed with you before these services are provided. In fact, we will be certain to inform you, your family, caregiver, or guardian of all charges and methods of payment prior to or during admission.

Medicare will only pay for hospice services in the event that a physician certifies that you have a life-limiting condition and that you may have six (6) months or less to live. Medicare does not cover general household services, such as shopping, significant meal preparation, deep cleaning, transportation, or other services furnished mainly to assist in meeting family or domestic needs. Our social workers, however, can assist families in finding community resources as such needs arise.

Please contact us today to learn more about hospice and electing your hospice benefit in Utah.