Payment for Hospice Services

At Dignity Hospice of Utah, we strive to make the payment process easy to understand. The following are common ways to pay for hospice services:

Medicare Coverage

Medicare covers hospice services at 100%. This means that Medicare clients should not owe any out-of-pocked expenses for hospice services. In the case that we believe any services or supplies will not be covered by Medicare, we will notify you prior to the delivery of said services or supplies.

Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid typically covers hospice at 100% as well, meaning that you will not be responsible for any part of the bill for hospice services while on Medicaid. In the case that we believe any services or supplies will not be covered by Medicaid, we will notify you prior to the deliver of said services or supplies.

Private Insurance Coverage

We will bill your insurance company for all hospice services we provide, and we will bill any secondary insurance policies as well. Please be certain to provide all insurance information to the nurse during the admission process.

The client/guardian is responsible for any fees that are not paid by the client’s insurance company. For example, if your insurance policy covers 80% of hospice services, then you will be billed for the remaining 20% of services. You will be notified as soon as possible of any expected financial responsibility associated with receiving hospice care; in most cases, we will notify you of this financial responsibility upon admission.

Private Pay/Fee Schedule

Routine hospice services can be provided on a private pay basis. In these cases, a private pay contract will be set up at the daily rate of $160.00.

We invite you to contact Dignity Hospice today to learn more about payment options for hospice in Utah.