What Does Hospice Cover?

Working closely with you, your family, and your physician, our qualified staff at Dignity Hospice of Utah will plan, coordinate, and provide hospice care that is tailored to meet your specific needs. We can provide a service or a combination of services in your home or homelike setting under the direction of a physician to improve your quality of life. Our hospice team and services can include:

Physician Services:

Dignity Hospice employs an experienced physician as our Hospital Medical Director, who oversees and directs care as needed. Our medical director typically plays a consulting role, but he or she will make home visits from time to time to recertify qualifications for hospice and to address acute symptoms if needed. The hospice team meets with the medical director every 14 days to discuss how your hospice care is working and to make any needed adjustments in the plan of care.

Skilled Nursing:

A skilled nurse is a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) with training and experience in providing hospice care in the home or homelike setting. The nurse works as the “case manager” and communicates frequently with your physician to address care plan needs. The nurse also regularly assesses client needs, performs a variety of skilled nursing procedures, and coordinates care with the other hospice team members. Furthermore, the nurse provides education to the client, family members, and caregivers about end-of-life disease processes, prevention strategies, and self-care techniques.

Hospice Aide:

Hospice aide services are delivered under the supervision of a registered nurse. Our aides are trained and experienced in providing personal care services in the home or homelike setting. An aide may be assigned when specific personal care needs are identified. Any duties performed by the hospice aide will be planned by you and the nurse and will be added to your plan of care. Typical duties performed by a hospice aide include bathing, shampooing hair, changing bed linens, and assisting with other daily living activities.

Medical Social Worker:

A medical social worker is a collaborative member of the hospice team. He or she makes periodic home visits to provide for the social and emotional needs of clients and their families. Your social worker has been specifically trained in grief and loss support and can provide supportive counseling and education during and after the end-of-life process. In addition, your social worker can work closely with you to obtain any needed community resources, complete advanced directives, and assist in other supportive interventions that help to improve the client’s quality of life.

Spiritual Counselor:

A hospice spiritual counselor is an essential member of the hospice team. He or she provides spiritual guidance and support during the end-of-life process. The spiritual counselor is non-denominational and works within each client’s faith community and belief system through periodic visits and coordination.

Therapy Services:

Therapy services can include using short-term physical, occupational, and speech therapy to improve the quality of life and to increase safety for each client and their family. Massage therapy may also be employed as a natural method of relieving pain and anxiety.

Grief and Loss Support:

Our trained staff provides anticipatory grief support to clients and their families throughout hospice care and bereavement support to families for 13 months following the passing of a loved one.

General Inpatient Care:

In certain cases when a client’s pain or other symptoms can be better managed with 24-hour staff available, Dignity Hospice of Utah may recommend short-term placement in a skilled nursing facility until the symptoms are stabilized. General inpatient care typically lasts for less than a week and is 100% covered by Dignity Hospice. Dignity Hospice contracts with a number of skilled nursing facilities in the area to assist in providing general inpatient care.

Respite Care:

Respite care is provided to allow time-off for the caregivers. Dignity Hospice can facilitate respite care by arranging for client placement in a skilled nursing facility for up to five (5) days. In addition, we encourage caregivers to take advantage of the time when Dignity staff are present in the home to run errands, attend appointments, or simply relax.

Continuous Care:

Continuous care is an increased level of care that provides for care in the home or assisted living facility during a crisis situation. Continuous care can be provided for eight (8) or more hours during a 24-hour period with 50% of that care being provided by a nurse.


Your hospice benefit allows for coverage of medications that are directly related to your hospice diagnosis, as well as for comfort. Upon admission, Dignity Hospice will create a list of your medications and review them with the medical director, who will determine which medications will be covered by the hospice benefit. Medications ordered by the hospice team throughout service are typically covered by the hospice benefit, and in most cases, they will be delivered to you directly. For medications that fall outside of the hospice benefit, you may continue to order and pay for them in the same way you did prior to the commencement of hospice services.

Durable Medical Equipment:

Dignity Hospice will provide needed durable medical equipment (DME) to each home or homelike setting in order to assist with safety, comfort, and quality of life. DME needs will be identified in discussion with you and your nurse. Needed equipment may include but is not limited to a wheelchair, hospital bed, walker, oxygen, etc.

Medical Supplies:

Hospice will provide for medical supplies such as gloves, wipes, briefs, and wound care supplies as needed. These supplies are typically ordered by the hospice team and delivered to your place of residence. If you are running low on such supplies, please feel free to contact the Dignity Hospice of Utah office to let them know.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about what is covered by hospice in Utah.